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My old boy Samson saved me from being jumped (maybe worse, who knows?) by these two guys with weapons by knocking one of them to the ground and dragging him all the way to the end of the block by his foot, while the other guy and I stared with dropped jaws. Another time, he helped me deescalate a crazy situation where I was being robbed at gunpoint in my house. He walked into the room, and one of the guys with a gun took his gun off me to point it at Sam. He told me to call off my dog, so I told Sam everything was fine, and to stay put. He sat down, but it was obvious he was spring loaded and ready. He never took his eyes off me. I then told the guy to put this gun back on me, because if he shit my dog, I would make him shoot me. Then I told them since they had what they came for, they should leave before things got ugly. I’m fairly certain my subtle confidence plus Sam’s steady presence are what led them to leave. I praise him constantly for his discernment. I easily owe him two lives, and would happily give him 20 of my years, if I could.

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